Early Childhood Programs at Micha-el School, a Waldorf School

Girl playing with goat as an exmaple of early childhood education from Micha-el School, a Waldorf School in MilwaukieIn the kindergarten years, the child learns primarily through his/her own need to be active and his/her uncanny ability to imitate all that surrounds him/her.  The teacher brings rhythmic activities in an atmosphere of beauty, warmth and harmony to nourish his/her blossoming, creative thinking upon which all future abstract thoughts are built.  Materials from nature, such as wood and stones, colored clothes and simple dolls provide stimulus for creative play which develops the imagination, concentration, coordination, language and a number of skills that will be gently called forth in the elementary years.

Kindergarten at The Micha-el School includes:

  • Circle Time
  • Free play
  • Snack preparation
  • Activities ~ painting, sewing, finger knitting, crafts, baking
  • Cleanup and snack
  • Story time
  • Outside playtime
  • Lunch
  • Depart for home