Grades 1-8 Waldorf Education at Micha-el School

Academic work begins in first grade, when the child is developmentally ready to begin the journey out of the magical realm of early childhood. The grades program is comprehensive and covers a classical curriculum in an imaginative and personal way that seeks to meet the children’s growing capacities physically, emotionally, spiritually, and academically. The Micha-el School’s grade school includes the full Waldorf curriculum of traditional academic subjects as well as music, eurythmy, handwork, games, and two foreign languages- German and Spanish. The following is an abbreviated curriculum outline by grade.

Grade 1 Art from Waldorf Education provided by the Micha-el SchoolGrade One

  • Pentatonic flute
  • Fairy tales, folk tales, nature stories
  • Pictorial and phonetic introduction to letters, form drawing, reading approached through writing
  • Qualities of numbers, introduction of the four processes in arithmetic, lower multiplication tables

Grade Two

  • Pentatonic flute
  • Legends and animal fables
  • Reading, spelling, writing, elements of grammar
  • Arithmetic, multiplication tables, further work with the processes

Grade Three

  • Old Testament stories that introduce history and creation
  • Study of practical life, farming, house building and clothing
  • Reading, writing, original compositions, grammar, punctuation and parts of speech, cursive writing
  • Higher multiplication tables, weights and measures, time and money
  • Strings

4th Grade Art from Waldorf Education provided by the Micha-el SchoolGrade Four

  • Grammar, letter writing, spelling, composition
  • Arithmetic, fractions
  • Local geography and history
  • Study of humans and animals
  • Telling of Norse myths and sagas
  • Strings

Grade 5 Art from Waldorf Education provided by the Micha-el SchoolGrade Five

  • Greek myths and culture
  • History of ancient civilizations
  • Freehand geometry
  • North American geography
  • Composition, grammar, spelling and reading
  • Decimals
  • Study of the plant world
  • Greek language

Grade Six

  • Roman and Medieval history
  • Central and South American geography
  • Geology
  • Physics
  • Composition, grammar, spelling
  • Artistic geometry with instruments
  • Business math
  • Strings/Orchestra

Grade 6 Art from Waldorf Education provided by the Micha-el SchoolGrade Seven

  • Voyages of discovery
  • The Renaissance
  • World geography
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Composition, grammar, spelling
  • Arithmetic, and introduction to algebra
  • Strings/Orchestra

Grade 8 Art from Waldorf Education provided by the Micha-el SchoolGrade Eight

  • American History
  • Shakespeare
  • Creative/Practical Writing
  • World Geography
  • Poetry
  • Physics
  • Anatomy
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Algebra
  • Solid Geometry
  • Music
  • Speech/Recitation
  • Drama

Grades Subject Classes

Spanish 1st – 8th grade
German 1st – 8th grade
Handwork 1st – 8th grade
Eurythmy 1st – 8th grade
Strings (Violin) 3rd – 8th grade (in 6th grade, children may switch to a wind instrument)
Wind (Band) 6th – 8th grade
Games 4th – 8th grade
Woodwork 6th – 8th grade