Faculty & Staff

Christina Drake a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf School


Christina Drake was born in Ohio and later attended a fine arts magnet school in Georgia where she studied oboe, theater, and voice. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in English Education, she entered the world of advertising for 12 years before having her daughter and entering the Waldorf teacher training program at the Micha-el Institute in 2008. She received her certificate 3 years later. Christina has worn many hats in our community, including 3 years teaching grades 2nd-4th, and 2 years as the school’s key administrative manager. Christina is a founding member of our College of Teachers.


Ivana Deletis, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf School

Ivana Deletis was born in Croatia and emigrated to the USA when she was ten years old. After completing her studies at New York University, and working in private schools, she was delighted to learn about Waldorf Education. Ms. Deletis came to Portland to study at the Micha-el Institute in 2003, and obtained her Waldorf Teaching Certificate in 2006.  Ms Deletis has held several positions within Waldorf Schools in the Portland area including Cedarwood Waldorf School and Shining Star. In her free time Ms. Deletis can be found in her garden, painting, drawing, dancing, and getting lost in nature.

Deborah, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf SchoolDeborah was born and raised in New Jersey, and has also lived in San Francisco, Germany, and Thailand. She earned her B.A. in Psychology and Women’s Studies from Rutgers University in 1993. Deborah worked for 10 years in the fields of marketing and event planning before moving to Portland, discovering Waldorf education, and completing her teacher training at the Micha-el Institute. Since 2005 she has held a variety of teaching and teacher support positions at Portland Waldorf School, Shining Star School, and the Micha-el School. Deborah is passionate about traveling, good food, her family, and her work with a very special group of students. She likes to read non-fiction books when time allows, particularly those about history, anthroposophy, food and nutrition, comparative religion, spirituality, and gender studies.


Jen Davis, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf SchoolJen Davis received her Waldorf Teacher Training certificate from the Micha-el Institute. Moving to Portland from San Antonio, Jen discovered her passion for Waldorf education through her experience homeschooling her children in grades 1 to 3. She delights in the new experiences gained daily from her involvement in the Waldorf community in Portland. In her free time, Jen enjoys training for races, reading good novels, and spending time with her family. Jen is a founding member of our College of Teachers.

Jaia Bollard, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf SchoolJaia Bollard grew up in Hawaii, where she attended Malamalama Waldorf School as a faculty child. She moved to Portland to attend Lewis and Clark College, and after receiving a BA, completed the Elementary Education Masters program at Portland State. She completed her Waldorf Teacher Training at the Micha-el Institute. Jaia has been a Waldorf class teacher since 2011. She likes hiking, camping, and kayaking with her husband and dog.

Jenna Dalton, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf SchoolJenna Dalton was born on a farming community in rural Nevada, attending a two room school house through 8th grade. In 1990, she moved to Oregon, completed high school and spent two years adventuring before graduating with honors from Prescott College with a degree in Alternative Ed. During this time she learned Native American living and Wilderness Survival skills from the master tracker Tom Brown Jr. and recorded and produced her first album. Prescott College taught every subject experientially which allowed for four years of hands on time in classrooms varying in diversity from inner city magnet schools to farm based “open” schools. The outdoor education component of her education gave her a deep seated sense for the natural world, and her first exposure to Waldorf Education. Ms Dalton completed a Foundation Year at Rudolf Steiner College, and then obtained her Master’s Degree in Waldorf Education at Sunbridge College in New York.

Matt Burns, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf SchoolMatt Burns was born and raised on Staten Island, NY. While a student at Florida State University, he chose to spend a year long school exchange in Bellingham, Washington, where his love for the Pacific Northwest was confirmed. After graduating with a B.A. in Communications and English, he discovered Waldorf education. In 2000, he began his Waldorf teacher training in Eugene, Oregon, and in 2002 earned a Master’s in Waldorf elementary education from Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, NY. In 2003, Mr Burns completed the Consciousness Studies program at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA.

Marcya Rosecrans, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf SchoolMarcya Rosecrans studied Waldorf Education at Rudolf Steiner College, where she obtained her Early Childhood Teaching Certificate. Ms Marcya has taught Waldorf Early Childhood for many years, and comes to the Micha-el School from Corvallis Waldorf School where she served as a preschool teacher, and a member of the College of Teachers. Before Corvallis Waldorf School, Marcya served as the Early Childhood Director, and Preschool Teacher for The Waldorf School of Bend, in Bend Oregon.

Alejandra Cornejo, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf SchoolAlejandra Cornejo is a passionate language learner, so far she speaks five! She studied German language and literature at the University of Cologne, Germany. She is a native Spanish-speaking Waldorf educator with nine years of experience. Alejandra aims to instill in students an appreciation for the Spanish language, and culture in its written and oral forms, using diverse and multicultural techniques and resources to reach students with various learning styles. Looking for more ways to continue to use her language skills, she recently started a career as a medical interpreter for German and Spanish. In her free time, she enjoys painting, salsa dancing and spending time outdoors; rafting, scuba diving, camping and hiking.

Jolanda Frischknecht, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf SchoolJolanda Frischknecht was born and raised in Switzerland where she attended a Waldorf School from 1st through 10th grade. She finished her High School years in public school, studying languages. Her love of movement and music led her to study Eurythmy at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. After her training, Ms Frischknecht completed Post Graduate Studies at the Eurythmy School in Spring Valley, New York, and moved on to teach and perform in Switzerland for five years before moving to Austin, TX in 1996. Ms Frischknecht taught Eurythmy to students in grades 3rd through 8th at the Austin Waldorf School from January 1998 until the Summer of 2006 before moving on to then teach High School for three years. Ms Frischknecht is a founding member of the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble, which performs locally, and tours annually in North America, Canada and Europe. Ms Frischknecht is a trained Therapeutic Eurythmist as well as a certified Eurythmy Teacher and serves at Micha-el as Head Eurythmy Teacher for grades 2nd-8th.

Jen Dadek, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf SchoolJen Dadek was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She received her B.A. in Russian History from U.C. Davis and a M.L.I.S. from San Jose State. She discovered Waldorf Education while searching for educational alternatives for her children. She then earned a LifeWays certificate and quickly determined that just wasn’t enough training. Shortly after, she enrolled in Foundation Studies and Grades Teacher training at Rudolf Steiner College and graduated in 2014. A mentors suggestion brought Jen to Portland in search of a school community for the whole family. She found it here at the Micha-el School. She’s been teaching Handwork at our school since January 2015, and this is the first year she’s teaching the entire Handwork program. Her four children attend Micha-el. Ms Dadek spends her free time chasing them, reading, square dancing with her husband, and of course, knitting.

Kelly Tidrick, a team member at the Micha-el School, a Waldorf SchoolKelly Tidrick, Administrative Coordinator
Kelly began her journey in Waldorf education in 1997 when a friend introduced her to the work of Rudolf Steiner. When Kelly had her first son, she had no doubt he would attend a Waldorf school. Both of her children have attended Waldorf school since preschool, with her oldest graduating from Portland Waldorf High School in 2017. Before motherhood, and after traveling in Europe, Kelly returned home to study psychology at the University of Oregon.

Tristiane Masterson-Miller, Administrative Assistant
Tristiane attended Waldorf schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade, eventually graduating from Portland Waldorf High School. After studying History and Design at the University of British Columbia, Tristiane is happy to be back in the Waldorf community. Along with being a wonderful office assistant here at Micha-el, Tristiane is also a certified Yoga teacher with Tualatin parks and Rec.